Ceaselez was founded by an industry veteran with three decades of Global IT experience. Enterprises and consultants constantly face challenges with multiple tools, products and processes leading to failure of effective enterprise communication and collaboration (due to distinct functional silos). This has significant impact on the operational efficiency and productivity. Also due to lack of consistent focus on transformation, the enterprises face challenges in scaling up with respect to strategies, vision and mission. The desire to overcome this challenge has led to the inception of Ceaselez. From inception, the founder developed Ceaselez to revolutionize the way things work and to upgrade from archaic, dated process/systems. Ceaselez has conceptualized and designed 4 world class products and integrated enterprise IT solutions which can directly address the challenges any enterprise or consultant facing today.

Why Ceaselez

  • Built on the investment of years of experience.
  • The vast experience of the team address the bigger picture and the convergence within organization – internal and external eco-system.
  • Ceaselez products can integrate and bring business operations under one umbrella with interaction to overcome silos.
  • Ceaselez products are one stop shop solution that perform work of multiple tools.
  • The products functional and technical platform is scalable and adaptable to all industry segments – capability to be institutionalized.

Download Ceaselez Overview & Portfolio of Products/Solutions